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The Whole Story

What is Half-Peach?

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In Chinese culture, the peach is a symbol of health and longevity. Split it in half and a heart-shaped pit falls out. “I want to share the love of a peach,” says chef Sue. If you’re wondering where the other half is, stop by and ask. Sue will tell you she’s sharing it with you.

Half-Peach Vegan Bakery & Cafe

The Origins

Years ago, when Sue Zhao and her then-9-year-old daughter, Tina, made the mutual decision to embrace veganism, they didn’t fully grasp one important detail: vegan cookies and cake can be hard to find.

So Sue started experimenting in her own kitchen. After throwing away many cookies and eating many more, she settled on her own recipes for vegan versions of the decadent desserts she and her daughter loved. She couldn't keep them to herself. After years of giving away her treats to friends and colleagues, Sue began selling them at farmer’s markets and in early 2016 opened Half-Peach Bakery & Cafe in St. Matthews.

Half-Peach’s opening was the culmination of an unexpected journey for Sue, who grew up in China with dreams of becoming a doctor. Though she never made it to medical school, Sue is thrilled to be have achieved her childhood goal of making people healthy—in body, mind and spirit.


"With her food, Sue hopes to contribute to the well-being of her customers, the planet and all of the animals that inhabit it."

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The Philosophy

At Half-Peach, veganism is about more than healthy living. It’s also about showing respect for animals and making environmentally-friendly choices. With her food, Sue hopes to contribute to the well-being of her customers, the planet and all of the animals that inhabit it.


The Food

Influenced by her Chinese roots, her extensive travel and her time as a Southerner, Sue offers a unique menu of baked goods and savory meals that combine the bold flavors of international fare with the down home style of comfort food. Among the most popular items is the Half-Peach take on a fried 'chicken' sandwich, made with a breaded soy patty with cashew cheese, and a house-made gluten-free burger made from black eyed peas, beets and chickpeas.

Every item at Half-Peach is free of preservatives and animal products, and made from scratch in the on-site kitchen. Many offerings are also gluten, oil, sugar and salt-free. The menu is is frequently updated, so stop by and see what Sue’s cooking.